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AMICA Beauty News

YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual has been published in the AMICA magazine beauty news for its unique and special concept of beauty from inside out.

The mindfulness podcasts and natural cosmesis skin renewal 28 days program provide a full regeneration for your beauty as well as your mind and energies.

YA.BE – the beauty that you are – is…. natural cosmesis and mindfulness podcasts.






Success stories of beauty startups. A dream: cosmetics with a soul.

What if we had someone who advises you every day, who gives you stimuli to live better and with lightness, to lower the level of stress, recover the enthusiasm by regaining our roots and relationship with nature.
In short… a natural cosmetic that talks to you.
This is what YA.BE is…. natural cosmesis and mindfulness podcasts.




We will go back to the office soon. How will sociality change? How should we behave in everyday gestures? What best practices should we adopt to ensure the safety of others and of ourselves?

And how will we feel? 

cosmetics with mindfulness to help people look and feel better. To respond to these needs, has created the TAKE CARE project.

YA.BE, an innovative startup internationally awarded by SEPHORA and AVON, combines high cosmesis with mindfulness to help people look and feel better. To respond to these needs, has created the TAKE CARE project.

TAKE CARE is a hands gel  with a special formulation which combines a sanitizing and super hydrating action with a podcast with messages to feel safe, not be afraid and prepare for new ways of living social relationships.

For companies, the package and podcast can be customized with the logo and a distinctive message in order to create a corporate welfare project, spread best practices and convey attention and care to all stakeholders.

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phone: +39 324 089 4163



Emanuela Ruotolo per YA.BE

YA.BE Conversations

YOGA and feminine energies: Emanuela Ruotolo per YA.BE

YOGA trainer Emanuela Ruotolo, will guide us in a YOGA class to experience the awareness of our energy centers and to unleash our most genuine feminine potential.

Meet Emanuela and the YA.BE Team @ City ZEN Milano, Via San Francesco D’Assisi, 15 – Milano on Saturday February, 15th at 11:30 a.m.

Participation is free. Sign up by February 14th @


Emanuela Ruotolo per YA.BE

YA.BE event @ Wellness Food Festival

Are you beautiful?
Take the opportunity to put yourself and your beauty first, step by step

Meet the YA.BE team with psychoterapist Consuelo Zenzani on Sunday 3, November in Cesena @ Wellness Food Festival and enjoy the event dedicated to yourself and your beauty, to find the courage to put yourself first, step by step. You will feel your awareness of deserving your well-being and deserving to express the wonderful woman you are.
Wellness Food Festival is an expo entirely dedicated to nutrition, wellness and relaxation .

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Consuelo Zenzani


YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual

YA.BE for Beautindependent

A new beauty. More self-aware and authentic.

Beautindependent is born, a project by Rachele Briglia to tell a “new” beauty. More self-aware and authentic. Subversive, in its own way, because inspired by talent and passion, rather than by commercial logic.
Beautindependent is a sort of living room where you can meet friends and tell them stories “gainst the tide”, says Rachele Briglia. Stories of cosmetic products and brands; above all stories of people who strongly believe in beauty – of face, body and soul. Beautidependent is a new and necessary reality: a publishing project intended to host the story of “independent” realities linked to the world of cosmetics and wellness. Outsider of beauty in a broad sense.
In this context, YA.BE finds its perfect contest and reveals itself in an editorial that narrates its uniqueness and innovation.



YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual


YA.BE team

YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual for Donna Moderna

YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual, 4 weeks to revitalize yourself

Donna Moderna, major feminine Italian magazine, presents YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual as part of the program “How to increase and improve your psychophysical energy”. YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual is a beauty ritual that unfolds as a four-week journey from the skin to inner self to guide every woman to regain her most authentic beauty. A journey accompanyed by 100% natural skin care products and audio suggestions, 28 Days Beauty Ritual is a renewal process that will bring your authentic and natural beauty back to light.

In the 28 Days Beauty Program you will be accompanied every day by the face creams which will allow you to reawaken all the softness and brilliance of your skin, until you regain your bright, radiant glow. Every day you will spend between 5 and 6 minutes listening to the podcasts that will enable you to create the day you want; you will learn to be the creator of each of your days, in the spirit of your Feminine Energy. You will regain the fullness of your beauty and like yourself always, not only at the mirror.

The cosmetic program with 2 face masks and 4 face creams containing natural and highly purified active substances, goes hand in hand with the podcast journey with daily podcasts to make the special woman each of us is shine again. We suggest to embark on this journey with great enjoyment, a sense of discovery, curiosity and with a lot of your feminine sixth sense.

Full article: YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual su Donna Moderna”


Gloriana Assalti @ YA.BE

Our cosmetologist Gloriana Assalti at the 5th edition of

Food & Cosmetology

Gloriana Assalti, pharmacist – cosmetologist and YA.BE’s cosmetologist, has been recently member of the Scientific Committee and speaker at the 5th edition of the conference “CONTINUOUS BEAUTY: GLOBAL ANTIAGING WELL-BEING” held in Vietri sul Mare on October, 4th -5th -6th October 2019, where she held a speech on food and cosmetics and on the synergy between food & nutritional principles and cosmetology.

The care of our body and preservation of its beauty has always been an element of attention for men and women in history. We also got aware that there is a relationship between beauty and what we choose to eat. What we still, perhaps, didn’t know and that Dr. Gloriana Assalti explained, is that the active factors necessary to keep our metabolism in good condition are the same active principles used in cosmetics to improve our skin’s health.
Let’s see, then, more in detail the cosmetic function of the main nutritional principles and the synergies between food and beauty!

Starting from sugar, this element has the cosmetic function of hydration because sugars are able to hold water molecules in their structure; the rhamnose, or “green sugar”, for example acts on the papillary dermis and reactivates it, slowing down the aging process that the papillary fibroblasts undergo over time. PYRUS MALUS (APPLE) FRUIT EXTRACT (the famous apple a day …) contains a balanced proportion of assimilable sugar, enzymes, vitamins, minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vital acids with an antioxidant, moisturizing effect (thanks to pectin), antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and soothing. Probiotics (bacteria and yeasts) and prebiotics (nourishment of bacteria and yeasts) create an invisible microbiological barrier that acts as a natural ecosystem with a repairing action on the skin barrier and protects the skin by reducing sensitivity. Lipids such as oils, butters and vegetable waxes (jojoba oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, rice oil, olive sunflower, shea butter and cocoa, …) are the emolliency ingredients of cosmetic products. Vitamins have soothing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and restructuring properties. Minerals are bio-activators, they make it possible to carry out chemical reactions at the base of the metabolism and even at cosmetic level they have the task of being activators. For example, copper is the fundamental element for the synthesis of collagen and keratin, zinc for the structuring of keratin, selenium to limit the processes of oxidation and calcium for the balance of cell membranes; manganese has an antiradical activity, iron strengthens defenses against free radicals and silicon has a firming effect.

Cosmetology is nowdays a science that goes beyond the boundaries of aesthetics to embrace health and beauty and beauty starts with awareness. As is often the case, we find in these natural elements the ingredients for our beauty!

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La bellezza continua: benessere globale antiaging

SANA 2019

YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual

YA.BE debuts at SANA

YA.BE debuts on the market at the 31st international organic and natural exhibition SANA with its YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual

YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual is a journey of 28 days for complete renewal where a cosmetic face skin program, performed through 2 masks and 4 creams completely natural and produced with pure extracts, goes hand in hand with a podcast program, to listen to every day for about 5/6 minutes a day, that using visualization techniques and coaching tools guide us in gradually making our resources and potential become available to each of us.

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