YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual for Donna Moderna

YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual, 4 weeks to revitalize yourself

Donna Moderna, major feminine Italian magazine, presents YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual as part of the program “How to increase and improve your psychophysical energy”. YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual is a beauty ritual that unfolds as a four-week journey from the skin to inner self to guide every woman to regain her most authentic beauty. A journey accompanyed by 100% natural skin care products and audio suggestions, 28 Days Beauty Ritual is a renewal process that will bring your authentic and natural beauty back to light.

In the 28 Days Beauty Program you will be accompanied every day by the face creams which will allow you to reawaken all the softness and brilliance of your skin, until you regain your bright, radiant glow. Every day you will spend between 5 and 6 minutes listening to the podcasts that will enable you to create the day you want; you will learn to be the creator of each of your days, in the spirit of your Feminine Energy. You will regain the fullness of your beauty and like yourself always, not only at the mirror.

The cosmetic program with 2 face masks and 4 face creams containing natural and highly purified active substances, goes hand in hand with the podcast journey with daily podcasts to make the special woman each of us is shine again. We suggest to embark on this journey with great enjoyment, a sense of discovery, curiosity and with a lot of your feminine sixth sense.

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