YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual

YA.BE for Beautindependent

A new beauty. More self-aware and authentic.

Beautindependent is born, a project by Rachele Briglia to tell a “new” beauty. More self-aware and authentic. Subversive, in its own way, because inspired by talent and passion, rather than by commercial logic.
Beautindependent is a sort of living room where you can meet friends and tell them stories “gainst the tide”, says Rachele Briglia. Stories of cosmetic products and brands; above all stories of people who strongly believe in beauty – of face, body and soul. Beautidependent is a new and necessary reality: a publishing project intended to host the story of “independent” realities linked to the world of cosmetics and wellness. Outsider of beauty in a broad sense.
In this context, YA.BE finds its perfect contest and reveals itself in an editorial that narrates its uniqueness and innovation.



YA.BE 28 Days Beauty Ritual

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