YA.BE Take Care hand gel

Hands Gel 2 in 1 Super Hydrating & Sanitizing
includes a collection of Mindfulness Podcast

The first sanitizing and super moisturizing hand gel YA.BE Take Care purifies, and at the same time hydrates, disinfects and perfumes your hands instantly, to take with you and use whenever you want, suitable for all skin types.

A unique wellness formula for this 70% alcohol sanitizer but delicate and effective hand gel thanks to the generous presence of hyaluronic acid, aloe and glycerin.

Take care of yourself and others at all times and learn how to feel safe in any situation naturally, respecting your skin by choosing the best moisturizing and sanitizer antibacterial hands gel available in single format or in the convenient pack of 3 hand gels with a Mindfulness podcast included which will guide you towards a new awareness of yourself.

YA.BE Take Care hand gel